Friday, April 23, 2010

Will Power?

A conversation with Arti Kashyap while she tries to get on with a strict diet.

Arti: Tell me, what do I have to do with this? I go on a diet and then I just lose the will power after two days.
Me: Well, you need will power
Arti: Point is... it doesn't last beyond 2 days.
Me: Well then, will power isn't exactly what you need, its consistency in will power that you need.
Arti: Sounds nice. Where did you get it from?
Me: What?
Arti: Consistency in will power.
Me: Seriously, everyone has will power. They just need to keep it going. You need to have the same will power that you did the first day. Thats consistency in will power.
Arti: So what do you need to have consistency in your will power?
Me: Don't rub on it.

I could see from her face that she wanted to say: You bloody management consultant!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturdays are that way...

I had myself chatting with a friend of mine... and in my excitement I said the below:

FunkyApple says:
today was my first day of lookin for another job
i completed my resume and posted it on monster, naukri and shine
i think it was very productive day.

Lazy me!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Warring moments

She smiled politely to the only other girl in the restroom in an attempt to know if the girl could sense the heated conversation she was having over the phone. It wasn’t a conversation really; it was just him playing the blame game again. Over the phone, a person doesn’t always entirely realize the situation or for that matter, even the straightest & simplest of reactions. She concentrated back to the voice through her phone hoping she would be able to recall something that reconciled with the word “later”. The same time realizing that hoping this and not even making an attempt to listen to him was probably proving his point that she was infact an insensitive and heartless person.

Jutting herself further into the corner she’d been facing since the past few minutes she finally came to a conclusion that she does not need this right now and told him that she going to hang up on him whether or not he likes it. It was obviously the latter since he hung up himself. It had been a few weeks since like this, either of them hanging up on each other. When the arguments started, it had become a battle to hang on to the phone line since neither of them wanted to hang up and be the asshole. Then again after sometime it was the other way round because both of realized it was a waste of time and effort. They didn’t really care about the consequences as they had stopped meeting each other and the only way of communication was this. This, a cellphone, that religiously serves to its owners by providing them with the convenience of attending or not attending the calls as per their liking.

It was as though her mind, racing through all their meetings & conversations they’ve had in the past one year that she had been with him, on and off, concluded that he would call again within a within a span of five minutes. She quickly pulled her cellphone from the locker, switched it off and kept it back in.

She reached for the coffee mug on her desk, realizing that she hadn’t wholly wanted to switch off her phone and keep it in the locker all day as she had decided to after he hung up. A tiny part of her had always wanted to be more sensitive towards him in the past few weeks. Both of them had become conscious that they didn’t love each other as much as “Forever and ever, babe” lovers would. And she knew that it hit him as hard as it hit her. Even after his attempts to fix things she hadn’t been able to erase the thought that he wasn’t a guy she could “love” and there been n number of times when she hoped that the next conversation with him would somehow magically demonstrate that he was the man of her dreams.

How magical, she thought, it had been in the beginning, he always treated her like a princess. Of all the guys she had been with, he was the only one who had really tried to understand her and yet not bulldoze into the relationship. After the kiddish and the ambiguity period lapsed in a few months, their relationship had become more of an affiliation to adjust with each others shortcomings. The ticket later graduated to where they would ask each other to adjust. And then all the efforts had come tumbling down like the twin towers in a flimsy slow motion. She even came to a point where she made him believe that he was in fact with her because he blindly felt that being a guy and, of the orientation that he was, he was supposed to be with a girl and that he didn’t treat her like a person but a girl. She wanted otherwise. Even that, he hadn’t taken so well. After this long, she couldn’t even try to believe that it wouldn’t be the case any longer even if he tried to turn it around.

She could go on and on ranting to herself or maybe to him at times of how he didn’t make her feel the way she wanted to. Once in an effort to explain things to him she had given an example of how he would feel if somebody was rubbing on him but he wouldn’t be aroused. “Oh so I don’t turn you on now! That’s so nice to hear” he’d said and hung up. She sat with her head in her hands for atleast ten minutes wondering how he couldn’t grasp the essence. Work wasn’t too much and she had ample of time to think about it, which made things worse.

She dragged herself back to the locker to get her phone.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Love and its repercussions

It’s amusing how people can verbalize mere attraction with this four lettered word.
And what is even more comical is how they can, in no time, take a step back on it.

The feeling of fondness, I guess, probably concludes when one of them decides to not follow the same way, of rather ‘fond-ing”, with each other as one of them would prefer. That’s one thing. There are other irritatingly tiny things that I wouldn’t even want to get into.

Just makes me think. How much do we really compromise in our relationships? And even for friends for that matter? On petty things... At the end of the day, it’s those petty things that bother us the most. The higher, larger fundamentals are put to rest while we jump to the things that we look at now.

What is left behind is a concoction of confusion and soreness. And to get over that, people develop their god-like approaches which even they donot understand, but continue, because solace is what they stumble upon. One might do this unintentionally, but a person hurt, sometimes resorts to ignoring his/her friends. The idea behind it? Well, it’s an inane feeling. The feeling goes like this – if somebody hurts me, doing this makes me conscious of my ability to hurt somebody too… it makes me believe, that I haven’t been entirely foolish and I’m not the most fragile person on earth… I… can be as heartless as the other person was to me.

Come to think of it… How are you really helping yourself like this?
1st: you lost someone you probably were only attracted to and it might just be his/her fault!
2nd: you’re trying to be a jerk and showing off your stupid inhibitions to yourself.
3rd: dude, you’re probably losing out on some really good friends out there.

Bottomline? Not facing the situation and resorting to such behavior, usually is not feasible in the long run. Coz you’d still be left with a lot of hate within you. Which again, later in life, becomes “baggage”.

I don’t regard myself as a person who should be preaching about relationships, coz if you know me; you probably even know why I’m saying this. But… just thought it was something… “nice to know” :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jolie and her Jell-O!

I incidentally happened to be on a row for Angie Jolie movies last weekend. Tomb Raider, Wanted, Gia, Mighty Heart, Original Sin.

Agreed, her lips are legendary and there prolly isn't any soul man/woman on earth who could near her perfection. Not everybody who has fish lips can make them look so beautiful.

But theres one thing that lingers... wonders... and later crashes beyond my understanding, why does she keep touching her lips!! I remember there was this one page (as Maneesh puts it) in Tomb Raider where she gets a letter from her dead father and she undoes her floodgates while reading it and there she goes again... fingers moving towards her lips. Its like.. its my dead fathers letter! Ohhh my father! I'm glad my father wrote to me...! Let's celebrate by touching my precious lips! Ohh! That feels nicey nice...

Or... Maybe something like... My dead father kept a letter for me! I wanna cry! Let me feel my lips a lil! Maybe that will help! (Sexual vulnerability is one of the after effects of trauma)

I just got high! I need to touch my lips! They feel so nice, they're like Jell-O!

Shes been my fav actress since stone age! I still admire her. People keep ranting about how they hate this and that about celebrities... This... I think is just plain stupid. Gosh! It makes her look like a bimbo! I understand its all hot 'n stuff... And men go... Oooh! looking at it... But I really.. really.. think its stupid!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who is this Wodehouse guy anyway?

Ok, I really found this funny.....

Bertram Wooster: Has it occurred to you to put yourself in Wilbert Cream's place and ask yourself how he's going to feel, being followed around all the time? It isn't as if he was Mary.
Aunt Dahlia: What did you say?
B. Wooster: I said it wasn't as if he was Mary. Mary, as I remember, enjoyed the experience of being tailed up.
Aunt Dahlia: Bertie, you're tight.
B. Wooster: Nothing of the kind.
Aunt Dahlia: Say "British Constitution"
He did so.
Aunt Dahlia: And now "She sells sea shells by the sea shore"
He reeled it off in a bell-like voice.
Aunt Dalia: Well, you seem all right. How do you mean he isn't Mary? Mary who?
B. Wooster: I don't think she had a surname, had she? I was alluding to the child who had a little lamb with fleece as white as snow, Now I'm not saying that I have fleece as white as snow, but i am going everywhere that Wilbert Cream goes, and one speculates with some interest as to what the upshot will be. He resents my constant presence.
Aunt Dahlia: Has he said so?
B. Wooster: Not yet, but he gives me nasty looks.
Aunt Dahlia: That's all right. He can't intimidate me. (obviously missing the gist).

- Jeeves in the Offing, by P.G. Wodehouse
Reading it. Reeally cool! Will probably get a few more of Wodehouse soon.

Please don't ask me who's Mary.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So, What do you do for a living?

Lately, I've come across a lot of my friends who gimme the "i-wanna-quit-my-job" call. I don't really understand where its coming from but I probably know when it happens. Let me make it quick & straight.

  • The Pep Talk: I'm surprised at the amount of enthu companies exhibit at times, especially during pre-placement talks. Makes candidates feel like they "Knight-in-the-shining-armor" after they get the offer.. Trust me, at EOD, you'd be surprised as to what meager amount of it is actually reflected on the work that you end up doing at the same company.
  • The Drag: I have seen people who just drag on with their work. They just wake up in the morning, feel partially content about working in a company which has some value in the market for whatever reasons, even though they know the profile does not suit their career. They go to work, complete their set or role and leave. Without putting in any extra efforts - be it for the your own gain or the company's. I say, why do you want stick to a profile for the purpose of brand/package? Do you realize how damaging it can be for your career? These days, intelligent HR depts don't look for the amount of work/knowledge or the duration you've worked for. They look for quality. Of corz, experience is regarded appropriately but unless you haven't gained proper insight into what you've done and where it has got you, it's going to be a total waste of time.
  • The Disappointment: This is a typical after effect of the Pep Talk. When people listen to the job description and pick up the offer that they think suits their career needs, they tend to have a picture in their minds of what they would gain out of the work. The result - they can't relate to the job that they are doing to what they were told they'd be doing which again leads to non-performance. Sometimes, it just doesn't work out the way you've been told it would. Even worse, the HR dept refuses to help. My sincere suggestion - as soon as you realize this is not what you've been told you would do, clear your mind of it, give it chance, obviously not a week, but atleast a month. You cannot judge a profile in a week, neither can you judge a company. Maybe, you didn't see the good side of it. Try it. For atleast 3 months, if you still think it's not meant for you. Leave ASAP. Any time more than that would be considered a waste on your profile if you cannot provide proper justification to your next interviewer.
  • Do your job: Blaming it on the Admin won't help. Blaming it on your system won't help either. Don't just do your job, get out of your way if you really wish to get that "Star Of The Month" title. That doesn't matter too much anyway, till the time the work that you do sets you free.
  • Your Boss: :) It's Simple, with a capital S. Bitching about him/her is not going to help. You are a professional and so is your boss. You should know how to handle him.
  • Lastly, it's okay for a fresher to experiment. Shows that your interested in your career and not only working, but with stability. Shows you are motivated towards achieving high performance if the profile suits you. Just make sure its not ship wrecking and realigning every two months.
Wasn't so quick:P... But just a part of what I originally wanted to post. Will probably post the remaining sometime later. Gottu sleep now. I haven't kept in touch and for those who haven't kept in touch with me, well, I'm working now. And if at all your going through any of the above, I completely empathize with your situation.

And if you get the point of my last statement, call me to help :).